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Darius Rucker to release new memoir ‘Life’s Too Short’

Darius Rucker will release his new memoir this spring, titled ‘Life’s Too Short,’ from Dey Street Books, an imprint of William Morrow. The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Hootie & the Blowfish and country music star said in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE: “If I look back at my life and try to see into my past, everything seems blurry. But then I lean in and start to hear something. Melodies. Chords. Harmonies. Lyrics .. This book is the story of my life as told through 23 songs that took me away, soaring, starting at ground level, living in a poor but happy home, never wanting for much more, enjoying what I had, even when times got tough, because I had my escape, my refuge, my music .. I loved revisiting these memories through the lens of music, and I’m excited to share them this May with ‘Life’s Too Short’.”

Rucker co-founded Hootie & the Blowfish with three classmates at the University of South Carolina in 1986; after releasing his first solo album as a country artist in 2008, he also landed four No. 1 albums on Billboard’s Country chart and 10 No. 1 singles at Country radio.

Rucker’s book will follow Hootie & the Blowfish’s ascent to fame, and will also follow his road to success as a solo artist. According to a statement by the publisher, the book is “candid, entertaining and moving…a classic story of a man and his music,” which will have readers hear tales of Rucker’s life on the road, including “stumbles, missteps and battles with demons.”

Life’s Too Short is set for release on May 28; to preorder, head here.

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