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Justin Moore shares his new song ‘This Is My Dirt’

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Justin Moore just dropped his new song, “This Is My Dirt,” the follow-up to his 12th #1 single, “You, Me, and Whiskey” with Priscilla Block.

Moore teamed up with Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana and Jeremy Stover to write “This Is My Dirt,” and describes the anthem as “a song about how you grew up, and more specifically, where you grew up. The land I live on today and where I raise my children, is the same land that I grew up on. It has been in our family since the late 1800s. My great, great grandfather raised my grandfather here… My grandpa inherited the land from him, and then I inherited it from my grandpa. So, it’s really special to us, for obvious reasons. But no matter where you grew up, I think everybody holds a special place in their heart for that place — whether it’s a subdivision or thousands of acres, whatever the case may be. This song is about taking pride in wherever it is that you call ‘your dirt.’”

Listen to Moore’s latest single “This Is My Dirt,” here.

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